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We are an outdoor lifestyle company that offers experiences to deepen your skills and knowledge in the field of outdoor adventure.  Our programs focus on water based activities such as kayaking and stand up paddleboarding as well as land based programs in wilderness medicine and outdoor skills.  We cater to the outdoor enthusiast that enjoys paddling, hiking, overnight camping and short-backpacking trips as well as the professional looking for a certification in wilderness medicine or stand up paddleboarding. You will improve your skills or obtain a national certification that showcases your level of competency.  The classes are offered online, hybrid format and face-to-face. Our experiences are offered mostly in the state of California (SoCal)

Time and convenience – We adapt to your needs and time frame.  Most of our classes can be done online or in a hybrid format.  Our experiences are 2-8 hours long while our best classes are one or two weekends long.

Investment – After spending money on quality gear, you need a quality education.

Safety – Would you know what to do if you got lost in the woods?  Do you know how to prevent getting lost or hypothermia or heat stroke?  Do you know how to treat a sprain, blister, burn or fracture without immediate access to your cell phone and medical facilities? Do you know how to safely tow a distressed kayaker?

Fun – What else can we say about fun!

Dr. Jose H. Gonzalez, our founder and director of education started his career in outdoor education in 1989. 

(By Land) He has spent more than 900 nights sleeping in a tent, has hiked the Sierras, more than 200 miles of the Appalachian Trail, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, Caribbean volcanos, Torres del Paine, Chile and San Diego’s local gems like Mt. Woodson. His love for the outdoors and commitment to teaching has earned him the opportunity to teach for Outward Bound and several universities. 

(By Water) He has an ACA Instructor Certification, an ARC Lifeguard Certification, USCG 50 Ton Captain’s license and has more than 2,000 nautical miles under his belt sailing in Maine, Massachusetts, Florida, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, BVIs, Leeward Islands, and Windwards Islands. He has competed in multiple SUP races including the Battle of the Paddle, Malibu Downwinder, Carolina Cup and Pacific Paddle Games.

(General) He is local to Cardiff-by-the-Sea but grew up in Puerto Rico. Jose is a brand Ambassador for Croakies, SIC Maui and for Hornet Paddles.  He possesses a doctoral degree in education with a focus on curriculum and instruction.  Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at CSU Northridge in the Recreation and Tourism Management department and teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine and Custom Education.

Mission Statement

“To educate and inspire the outdoor adventure community around the world”


“Jose is an outstanding instructor trainer. He provides training for our paddle staff at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, and year after year, we are continually impressed with his effectiveness. Jose’s enthusiastic & deliberate demeanor fosters an environment in which he earns the respect of our staff, sets standards, and inspires them to progress as instructors.  He manages to develop our instructors’ practical teaching skills while promoting a philosophy of positivism, continued development, and teamwork.  This mindset extends beyond the time that he spends with us and continues to affect the quality of our staffs’ instruction and attitudes throughout the year. Our staff is safely and successfully working with individuals of all ages, physical capabilities, and varying levels of comfort in the water.  They are also safely and successfully managing groups of up to 50 people.  Over the course of this summer alone, they have helped thousands of customers achieve their unique goals. That is a direct result of Jose’s guidance when it comes to instructional approaches, group management, and risk management. Jose’s work with our team at the beginning of each summer is critical to the success of our paddle programs.

-Jamie Eubanks
Instructional Supervisor
Mission Bay Aquatic Center

“As an outdoor educator and facilitator myself for over 15 years, I found Jose’s facilitation style and talent beyond amazing!  He has a keen listening ear for his candidates’ abilities and our learning styles and how best to impart his knowledge to us.  He proficiently demonstrated the exact instructor qualities he’s teaching. I got so many great ideas and content for my own personal SUP instruction from Jose, I’m forever grateful.  Even more than what he said during our workshop, it was how he was during difficult weather circumstances that most impressed me! I couldn’t have asked for a more personable and professional SUP  instructor.”

-West Shirley
Owner, Colorado SUP Sports
ACA Level 1 & 2, WPA Certified SUP Instructor

“My experience with Jose was fantastic! The course was organized, clear, Jose was very personable and knowledgeable about SUP skills.  I learned so much over the 3 days course, I feel confident translating the skills to others.

– Sarah Dymond
San Diego Paddle Yoga

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